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Retirement planning for law enforcement officers wanting to optimize income & minimize taxes

Retirement For Law Enforcement Officer

Can Your Pension Withstand the Higher Taxes of Retirement?

After serving their community, law enforcement officers assume their healthy pension will fund their senior years, but many are shocked by the taxes they’ll have to pay first. You’re not alone! The confusing and incomplete information you’re given about your retirement does not set you up for success. Luckily, there are steps you can take to properly plan for retirement!

At Zelken Financial Services, we use asset optimization and tax strategies to give you a secure retirement income – and more of it! We are here to answer your questions, clarify your options, and develop a plan to maximize your income while minimizing taxes.

April Browne

Leading Through Retirement

In nearly 30 years of service, April Browne rose to the rank of Captain of the Durham Police Department in North Carolina. She approached her retirement as she had everything else – with a persistent drive to learn everything she needed to know to succeed.

However, she struggled with the confusing and often incomplete information provided about her pension plan and how it could be used in her retirement years. That’s when she discovered Charlie Jewett and Renovating Retirement.

April became a client and was amazed by the life- and income-impacting aspects of her pension and taxation that no one ever told her. If she had continued on the path of taking payments from her pension as it’s set up, taxes would have taken such a large percentage of her income she wasn’t sure how she would cover her life expenses.

Luckily, she learned about some smart ways of organizing and protecting her financial assets so that she could have a guaranteed income during retirement that would withstand the ups and downs of the economy. Renovating Retirement was so helpful to April that she decided to get trained in it so she can provide this level of financial planning for her own community.

Now, Zelken Financial Services and the Renovating Retirement process are available for all law enforcement officers who seek the same security that April attained for her life.

April Browne

New Officer, April Browne

Retired Captain April Browne

Retired Captain, City of Durham Police Department

We Approach Your Financial Planning Holistically

Following a Top-Down Strategy

We start by gathering the big-picture view of your finances.

We take a look at your current assets (e.g. savings, IRAs, property) and streams of income (e.g. pension, salary, rentals, Social Security).

Next we look at the outflow of your income.

This includes things like cost of living, mortgage payments, and other debt. What does your income need to cover and what might be unnecessarily draining?

We clarify your life goals and priorities.

Some wish to prioritize leaving a legacy for children over higher retirement income and vice versa. Others have a robust commitment to philanthropy.

Then we create a custom plan.

We take all of these elements into consideration to develop a plan with time horizons and tax strategies that suit your unique needs.

Finally, we optimize your assets following that plan on an ongoing basis.

At a minimum, we schedule an annual evaluation with you to improve and adjust your plan as you go to and through retirement.

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Retirement For Law Enforcement Officer

What is Renovating Retirement?

Charlie Jewett, the founder of Renovating Retirement and author of a book by the same name, is committed to a fiercely straightforward and empowering form of financial planning and education where:

  • clients can see the entire process clearly
  • avoid costly mistakes
  • actually realize their financial goals and dreams

Too many financial advisors rely only on diversified portfolios, selling stocks, or annuity products, but that approach is a weak representation of just ONE of the FIVE important areas of your financial MERIT plan (detailed below).

“A comprehensive MERIT Plan will take care of you and your family whether you have a Long Life, Short Life, Rough Life, Sick Life, and when you finally move into The Next Life.”    – Charlie Jewett

MERIT Planning

The Keystone of the Renovating Retirement Process

To truly accomplish your goals, you need to have all FIVE of the following areas optimized and working harmoniously:

  • Mortgage Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Planning

You may have a banker, lawyer, financial advisor, insurance agent, and accountant, but if you don’t have all FIVE of these advisors talking to each other, you have inefficiencies in your plan.  You will have to work longer or keep less of your money at every stage of your life.

Agents trained by Renovating Retirement – like April! – can find these inefficiencies for you, ask if you want them corrected, put in the work to optimize each area, and let you enjoy the benefits of truly taking your financial plan seriously.

Want to join the Zelken Financial team?

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With more and more people looking to the financial services industry to help them prepare for retirement, employment in the financial management industry is expected to grow by 15% between 2019 and 2029.

At Zelken Financial, we help people navigate retirement and plan accordingly for what they want, using educational tools to teach financial responsibility. By joining our team you get to learn a new skill set that will carry you through life!

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